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Clients & Services

IT architecture, gap analysis, recommendations, benchmarking, and roadmap evolution
  • Computing and storage architectures evolution
  • IT transformation
  • Network virtualization
  • Application development, Cloud migration, DevOps, CI/CD Security Roadmaps
Multi-dimensional analysis mapping of design, platforms, software, and security, with:
  • Availability
  • Scalability
  • Management
  • Performance
Virtualization and resource optimization models 
Evaluation of the use of different forms of private/hybrid clouds
  • Methodology for multi-criteria evaluation of alternatives: cost, agility, security, portability, complexity, etc.; and governance, technology, and operational issues
  • Plan an on-demand service model that eliminates unnecessary IT investment
Data Centers strategy, planning, and design
  • End to End Architecture evolution
  • Feasibility studies and project cost budgeting Availability and capacity assessment
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning
Compute/storage/network architectures and target deployment environments
Evolution alignment with design requirement
Architecting alternative application development environments
Cloud related services
  • Virtualization architecture
  • Cloud assessment and strategy
  • Cloud planning, design, and implementation
  • Cloud migration
  • Design of services (IaaS/PaaS/SaaS)
  • Integration of applications for cloud solutions
  • Design and development of cloud operation models - commercial and open source
  • Specification of monitoring tools for SLA management

Strategic technology advisory, cloud and managed services, business plans and benchmarking for IT, corporates, telecoms, data centers, innovators and VC backers, due diligence studies on investment and M&A targets

Claude Achcar

Data center design consultancy, M&E consultancy, technical due diligence, SPoF audits, condition surveys, feasibility studies, data center facilities management, project and program management.

Malcolm Harris

Cybersecurity operations programs in large telecom, technology, banking, healthcare, and government. Offensive security and incident response initiatives. Forensic investigations and security research.

Iain Paterson

Technology advisory and due diligence, IT Service Management, telecom networks, BSS/OSS, network management, data center design and assessment, cybersecurity, enterprise security and risk management

Romney Ng

Cloud-based hosted models, core infrastructure networking, access and mobile applications, networking and security strategy, OTT applications, digital transformation and enterprise architecture

Michael Li

Investment due diligence, market and commercial due diligence, financial analysis, business model analysis, regulation, and economics of telecommunications, cloud, and cryptocurrency platforms.

Peter Lyons

Banking & financial services, corporate finance & capital markets, business process mapping & re-engineering, change management, MIS, dashboards & balanced scorecards & compliance, market studies & due-diligence

Raja Abdallah

Mobile internet architectures, analytics, optimization, cloud networking, strategy advisory, TMT investment and M&A, virtualization, data center and networking architectures and design, information security

Dr Riad Hartani

Mission critical electrical and mechanical systems design, building services management. Data center design, architecture, due diligence, test and commissioning. Power networks design and optimization.

Andrew Shute

IT Infrastructure and Telecom Networks, Data Centers, technology solutions design and implementation; Optical and transport networks, mobile core; Business development, project and program management.

Kokichi Kato

Technology innovation and development, business intelligence & process optimization, BPO, data center strategy, cloud computing, IT transformation, virtualization, middleware platforms (SOA/ESB), healthcare IT

Shervin Bakhtiari

Technology, market and economics of wireless networks, spectrum, and infrastructure solutions, product definition; financial modeling and strategic planning, due diligence, telecom operators and regulators

Frank Rayal

Strategic partnerships, new market development, telecom and BFS sectors, OSS/BSS specialist, digital transformation, customer engagement, partner program advisory, business driven alliances engagement

Andrew Newton

Enterprise architecture, design, implementation, integration and support of large-scale real-time transaction processing systems, network and infra evolution, IT portfolio management, cloud computing. Financial services.

Jesse Wu

Technology and network evolution strategy, cloud computing, storage, information security management and compliance, network and data center virtualization, SDN and NFV trends, IMS, LTE network and services, M2M

Trinh Ngo

Threat and vulnerability assessments, risk management framework development, design and implementation of technological, physical, and operational asset protection controls, incident management, resilience assessment and training, asset protection

Ilya Umanskiy

IT Change management, IT architecture and design, corporate backbone IP IT infrastructure, implementation and operations, development of strategic direction, business unit planning and budgeting

Marcus Stock

Strategic advisory, go-to-market plans for IT corporates, telecoms, data centers, and innovators, cloud and managed services, consulting and advisory for intrapreneurship, JV/multi-vendor projects evaluation.

Maan El-Rayes

Strategic and operational planning for corporates and telecoms, service and network management, service assurance and fulfilment, planning and design for IoT roadmap, M2M architecture, and healthcare IT

Ananda Sen Gupta

Strategy & technology marketing in telecom systems, energy management, IT and mobility systems, setting up local operations from green-field, start-ups & negotiating participation of venture capitalists, private equity players.

Dr Dipankar Sengupta

Building cloud ecosystems, cloud computing, cloud security framework, cloud standards & best practices, AI, expert systems, Data-as-a-Service (DaaS), data mining & visualization, Commercial & Open Data Attestation

Dr Hing Yan Lee


Our Partner-level consultants hail from industry and have a deep understanding of the business, market, competitive pressures, regulation, standards, dynamics, and of the guts of the technology and its roadmap.  We excel at execution, the result of decades of tech work, designing, building, marketing, and maintaining tech infra, applications and services globally


We provide detailed and pragmatic advisory to a wide range of sectors 
We are often invited by other consultants and partners to contribute specialized tech know-how to client projects

Data Centers and Hosting
High-Tech, Telecom and 5G
AI and Data Analytics
Fintech and Blockchain
Multi-Access Edge Computing
Cloud and Managed Services
Investment Banks, Funds and Private Equity
Venture Capital and VC-Backed Innovation 
Financial Institutions
and Exchanges
Utilities, Public Sector
and Regulators
Digital Media

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